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Tucked away in the main building of Porto Elounda, Six Senses Spa blends perfectly into the natural green and blue hues of the Aegean Sea.

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A delightful blend of science and human connection at Six Senses, where cutting-edge technology and personal touch create a service tailored just for you.

Weight Management




Boost Your Immunity Wellness Day

Love Your Heart Wellness Day

Mind Your Brain Wellness Day

Looking to shed a few pounds and boost your energy levels? Explore the significance of balanced nutrition, exercise, and a healthy mind. Discover what suits you best based on your current situation and receive expert guidance to maintain your well-being once you return home.

Cleanse your body, improve digestion, boost your immune system, and clear your mind with our non-invasive yogic cleanse. This program ensures a safe and controlled detox experience, combining low-intensity training, detoxifying therapies, and mind-body practices.

Struggling to find time in your busy home life to improve stamina, tone up, or address specific movement concerns? This program is tailored for you, focusing on movement by blending high and low-intensity training with recovery treatments, meditation, and sleep.

Facing challenges in getting a good night’s sleep? Our Sleep program combines advice from our Sleep Doctor with the benefits of yoga nidra and meditation, relaxing treatments, wellness therapies, nutrition advice, and low-intensity training.

Revitalize your immunity with a spa takeover! Perfect if you’re feeling sluggish or fatigued. From breathwork and sunlit yoga to nutritious food, personal training, hot and cold experiences, treatments, and journaling, we have everything your immune cells need to thrive.

Invite love into your life by listening to your heart’s intuition. Train and heighten your compassion, awareness, and consciousness for a more powerful connection with nature and the earth.

Reflect, let go of baggage, and discover your true purpose. This one-day program combines ancient practices like yoga and meditation with modern biohacks, including brain games and binaural beats. Learn to care for and improve your brain’s function through the right foods and good fats.

Healing with Ayurveda Aromatotherapy

Discover Yoga

Yogic Detox

Empowering Me

Sleep Well

Experience the perfect blend of Ayurvedic and Aromatherapy sciences with our Healing Ayurveda Aromatherapy treatment package. Discover more about this harmonious approach to wellness.

Immerse yourself in the daily practice of hatha yoga to achieve a balance of body and mind. Explore further details about our yoga-focused treatment package.

Embark on an ancient yet effective journey to cleanse both your body and mind. Dive into the transformative experience of Yogic Detox, and learn more about the treatment package.

Join a woman’s journey towards empowerment with our unique blend of aesthetic expertise and Ancient Eastern appliances. Aimed at reducing signs of aging, this treatment package offers an effective and empowering experience.

Unlock the profound importance of quality sleep with our signature journey, crafted in collaboration with our product partner, Subtle Energies. Explore the treatment package to enhance your sleep and enjoy holistic well-being.

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We have a selection of wellness offers available throughout the summer season.
Get in touch with our spa team and plan your wellness experience in advance.